Jun 01, 2020

Did you know that there are more than 40,000 varieties of rice? And many more to come it is different in size, shape, nutritional content and different in colors, it seems this is unlimited, how many of this have you tried? And which one is the best?

Brown rice
The bran and germ unremoved in milling process keeps this rice brown in color, this is a good source of Vitamins and minerals, this is rich in Fiber as well, which makes it healthier to eat, this is Highly recommended for those who has diabetes, Brown and White Rice contains same amount of Calories and Carbohydrates.

Red Rice
A compound called anthocyanin that makes the rice red in color, In recent studies the anthocyanin have properties that can reduce inflammation, allergy and most specially prevent risks of cancer, it is reach in antioxidants to keep our body strong. Though it is little bit pricier compare to the other rice, it is the effect it gives what matters most.

Black Rice
In ancient China they used black rice as a tribute food, no one is allowed to it this kind of rice cause they reserve it for their emperor, from then on they called it the “forbidden” or “Emperor’s” Rice.
The level of anthocyanin of this rice is much higher than the red one, this is more in fiber and less in sugar which gives more points compare to red and brown rice. Want to become the emperor? Eat Black rice… not the burned one.

White rice
Once again our Favorite! 3 times a day, totally bran less that keeps it white, this is the medicine for a hungry tummy, and it is reach in carbohydrate which gives energy to keep us go in life.

And many more varieties… it is unlimited, isn’t?

Keeping our body healthy sometimes is not lying only “on what we eat, but on how we eat”

We love “unli rice!?” Then we must also love “unli exercise”.